• Olive & Olibanum

Olive & Olibanum

First route to bottling peace actually began with a lavender and olibanum combination, and then elaborated with more essences that enhance that duality.

To begin with, various essences of both frankincense and lavender were arranged against each other. Frankincense CO2 in conjunction with lavender absolute; then elaborating with wild frankincense from Somaliland and from Somalia with lighter French lavender oils: Mailette and wild lavender from the French Alps.

The idea of olive came later. There was a need to add depth and interest to these very light, balanced and a little to-therapeutic essences. Olive absolute added a fruity nuance; and olive tree resin more fixative quality and a hint of sweetness. But even more than its aromatic appeal, the quality of olive was important because it is part of the symbol of peace, as well as native to the war-battered region. I love the idea of using olives in the healing process required for peace. 

The base notes required some more grounding, and originally I was going to use sandalwood. But it did not feel right at the time, for reasons I cannot explain. I decided instead to use the tiniest hint of tobacco leaf. As with the olive, the concept was a leading key here. And concepts don't always work in reality... So the fact that it did was particularly rewarding. Tobacco's hay-like qualities went particularly well with the elegant coumarin qualities of lavender absolute.

Floral notes were also added for their bouquetting effect - another proof that there can't be a perfume without flowers... And white grapefruit from Israel for the significant locale; but also for lightening and uplifting this rather resinous scent and adding a more cheerful aspect to a rather meditative and introvert scent.

Top notes: Lavender Mailette, Wild Lavender, Ho Wood, Grapefruit
Heart notes: Olive fruit absolute, Ylang Ylang, Rose
Base notes: Olibanum CO2, Frankincense Oils from Somalia and Somaliland, Olive tree resin, Tobacco absolute
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