Ayala Moriel Parfums

Incense Cones


Ayala Moriel Parfums

Incense Cones


Incense cones, hand-rolled in the traditional Asian style, made from finely ground botanicals such as sandalwood, agar wood, spices, resins and herbs, and bound with natural gums or wood bark. No saltpetre or charcoal used in these cones.

Selection of fragrance changes, depending on mood and season. Incense cones come in a box containing about a dozen cones. Each box contains a dozen cones. 



Palo Santo 

Sweetgrass & Tobacco

Four Sages


Ancestral Feast (Copals)

Red Dragonfly (Dragon's Blood Resin) 

Fireflies (Fire Tree Resin)

Palas Atena (Nag Champa style)






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