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Art of Perfumery Online Course #6: Floral Bouquets


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Art of Perfumery Online Course #6: Floral Bouquets


This course is dedicated to Floral Bouquets fragrance family, and is offered to advanced students only. This course was designed to be one of the very last in the full Foundation of Natural Perfumery training program. This is a rare opportunity to study with Ayala Moriel - a master and world-leader of modern Natural Perfumery - and truly immerse yourself in the world of perfumery from the comfort of your own home. 

We will dive deep into the vast family of Floral Bouquets, with the sub-genres of Floral Fruity, Floral Fresh, Floral Powdery, Floral Green, and Floral Aldehydic. We will explore the raw materials that characterize each of these sub-genres, using only pure and natural raw materials.

Because this is an advanced course, with a lot of the raw materials studies already under your belt -  the focus is truly on composition with emphasis on matching (creating "duplicates") of classic floral compositions using only natural components; and creating your own original representatives of the main types floral bouquets - Floral Green, Floral Powdery, Floral Fruity and even find a way to create an Aldehydic Floral using natural essences only! 

In this course, you will:
- Study 
the many raw materials, classic and vintage perfumes of the most popular genre of them all - Floral Bouquets. 

- Learn proper perfume structuring, how to blend a perfume, how to write a formula, building accords and also sharpening your sniffing skills by identifying accords of 2-5 different essences.

- Learn to compare different distillations of the same plant (i.e.: rose otto vs. rose absolute)

- Refine your sense of smell to be able to recognize the difference between same raw material from different countries of origin (i.e.: jasmine from India vs. jasmine from Egypt).

- Develop your ability to manipulate notes to the desired volatility rate, orchestrate nuances of the same flower to appear at different stages of the fragrance's development on the skin

- Pave the way to truly master the art of perfumery by being able to create all the sub-genres of the Floral Bouquets fragrance family, using only pure and natural raw materials (without using isolates). 

- Learn how to make a perfume truly perform in all aspects (i.e.: silage, longevity, balance...)

Featured workshops:
Dry Enfleurage & Scented Powders 
Extrait from Enfleurage using fresh flowers (Review)
Using extrait from enfleurage within a composition

Prerequisites: Must have read the book and completed Citrus & Cologned and/or Lab 101, Fougère, Chypre, Floramber, Opulents, and Enfleurage mini-course. Completed study guides for all essences in the Beginner Essences Kit. 

Field Studies: Flower Garden - Pairings & Exploration 

Featured Workshop:
Enfleurage (crops permitting)

Wednesdays, April 19 - June 28th, 2023

Correspondence Course Sequence
Study at your own pace and space with this unique program tailored to self-study, that will guide you through the course's textbook, "Foundation of Natural Perfumery" (purchase the book separately). This program is more flexible, as it allows you to choose which modules to study in person at the studio, and which ones to study remotely, on your own. 
It is, however, important that you take the modules in the order that they are offered, as follows: 

  1. Citrus & Colognes + Lab 101
  2. Fougere
  3. Chypre
  4. Opulent
  5. Floramber
  6. Floral Bouquets
  7. Soliflores
  8. Leather & Tobacco

You can register for the correspondence courses anytime, and complete the entire 8-module program at your own pace. Studying will progress according to the self-study guide that will be sent to you upon registration, which will include:

  1. List of raw materials that are key components for this particular genre (AKA Fragrance Family)
  2. List of tools and equipment you will need for this module 
  3. List of the exercises in the book, and in which order to perform them, as well as additional exercises designed especially for this course
  4. Additional reading materials and links to relevant suppliers 
  5. Additional creative thinking and exercises that are not in the book, and usually take place at the week-long sessions at the studio. 
  6. Online support via email offered up to 6 months from date course was purchased.  
  7. Future component of the correspondence program (still in the making): Access to online video tutorials 

We recommend that you also purchase the essences kit we've designed for this module, which are the raw materials unique to each module, and which are important for completing the practical components of the course. 

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