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Art of Perfumery Online Course #3: Chypre


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Art of Perfumery Online Course #3: Chypre


A rare opportunity to study with Ayala Moriel - a master and world-leader of modern Natural Perfumery - and truly immerse yourself in the world of perfumery from the comfort of your own home. 

The Chypre online course covers studying the raw materials, learning about the history of the Chypre fragrance family and the sub-categories in this family. Students will be introduced to composition concepts such as perfume structure, and with basic technical skills such as how to blend an alcohol based perfume, how to write a formula. IN the practical workshops that take place each afternoon, students will be building accords and creating simple solid perfumes, as well one representative perfume from the Chypre family.

Feature workshop: Chypre Birds 

Course Schedule and Structure: 
The course runs a full week - Sunday through Thursday from 8:30am to 3:30pm, and Friday is a short day (9am-12 noon), and includes a summary of the entire week, celebration and handing out certificates of completion. The course takes place at Ayala Moriel's new studio in Clil, Israel.

The mornings (8:30am-12pm) are dedicated to theory and studying olfaction (discerning between notes). The afternoons (1pm-3:30pm) are a lab session which is dedicated to the practical implementations of what was studied in the morning, i.e. weighing, measuring, recording, formulation, composition and compounding.

The fee includes all materials and supplies used during the course, as well as a homemade vegetarian/vegan lunch, and fragrant refreshments served daily. 

Students are required to purchase a course textbook, and are also encouraged to procure their own Basic Essences Kit prior to their first course start date. The same book is used throughout the entire program. It is recommended that you complete the Fragrant Note Study Guide with all your essences from the Basic Essences Kit prior to attending this course. 

Prerequisites: Must have completed the Citrus & Colognes Week and/or Lab 101, and the Fougère course. 

Course Schedule and Structure:
The course runs for 12 weeks (3 months), with weekly sessions on Zoom at regular times. Each session runs for 1.5hrs, with time for olfactive studies, lecture and Q&A for students to address problem-solving, feedback for assignments, etc.

The fee includes all aspects of participation, except for the raw materials. These must be purchased separately (you will receive a list of materials once you've registered to the course). If you require assistance with sourcing, contact us for a customized essences kit (available for students only).

While you can register for the correspondence courses anytime, participation in the live classes is available only at specific dates and times. It is recommended to register well in advance so you have time to get set up with all the materials, and can benefit fully from the live classes.

Alternatively, you can study and progress at your own pace and watch only the recordings (if you're unable to attend the live class time).

The written materials (or self-study guide) includes:

  1. List of raw materials that are key components for this particular genre (AKA Fragrance Family)
  2. List of tools and equipment you will need for this module
  3. List of the exercises in the book, and in which order to perform them
  4. Additional reading materials and links to relevant suppliers
  5. Additional creative thinking and exercises that are not in the book, and usually take place at the week-long sessions at the studio.
  6. Online support via the course's study group. You will gain unlimited access to this group, and get to meet future alumni from around the world
  7. Access to the video tutorials relevant to this course
  8. Receive personal, in-depth, insightful feedback for 4 Chypre perfumes you've created as the practical assignments in this course

We recommend that you also purchase the essences kit we've designed for this module, which are the raw materials unique to each module, and which are important for completing the practical components of the course.

Prerequisites: Must have completed the Citrus & Colognes Week and/or Lab 101, Chypre and/or Fougère courses.

It is important that you take the modules in the order that they are offered, as follows: 

  1. Citrus & Colognes + Lab 101
  2. Fougère
  3. Chypre
  4. Opulent Perfumes
  5. Florientals
  6. Floral Bouquets
  7. Soliflores
  8. Leather & Tobacco
  9. Marine & Aquatic

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