Perfume Portrait (Custom Perfume) Consultation Form

Please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your taste in fragrance, so that we can create your custom perfume for you. If you are ordering a custom perfume as a gift for someone special, and wish to surprise them, you can ask them these questions discreetly to get sense of their taste and fill it on their behalf. 

Once we receive your answers, Ayala Moriel will create your custom perfume, which will be ready within 4 weeks, and will mail you a sample. If you like it as is, we will bottle the rest of the perfume and send it along! 

The fee for this unique service - and experience! - is $1,000. If you wish to "tweak" it, you can request up to two more adjustments at no additional cost. The full process usually takes between 6-10 weeks. Additional changes (after 3 samples have been mailed to you) will be billed at $300 per formulae adjustment. Once completed – your perfume will be presented to you in a 15mL EDP (splash/spray), and your choice of either 4mL mini or a 5mL travel roll-on.

Your formula is kept on file for seven years and will be only produced on your request exclusively. However, if you haven't made any re-orders in seven years, we reserve the right to use the formula as per our discretion. Re-ordering minimums: $180 per 15mL bottle, or  3 roll-ons (oil base) $330.  

Please note: we assure you full protection of your information, and that your answers to these questions, as well as any other information you give us about your project will be kept confidential and never disclosed to a third party. 

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