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The Aroma Allure

This morning I was interviewed for the Candy Palmater Show on CBC Radio One. It was particularly fun to connect to a fellow fragrance lover across the radio waves - before airing, I learned that Candy is a die-hard scent lover, who does not turn her nose away from old-fashioned treasures such as No. 5 and Chantilly; and would travel a great length to scout a fragrance when it just came out (even though if my memory serves me right it was Poison she was after, so she probably could have smelled it from miles away, LOL!).

You can hear it online: The aroma allure: Stories behind some iconic fragrances. And also you can listen to the whole episode - which included Cirque de Soleil's first Canadian woman director, and legendary folk musician Buffy Sainte-Marie!
  • Candy PalmaterCBC RadioInterviewMedia
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