• New Perfume: Dance of Fire
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    Ayala Sender

New Perfume: Dance of Fire

New Perfume: Dance of Fire

My first initiation to the world of perfume was through incense - a path covered with dust of the ages and redolent of spice caravans, ancient ceremonies and great mystery. 
Incense is the most ancient form of perfume, a serpentine creature that has been covered by the dust of time like a well-worn traveller on the desert routes of spice and medicine.
Yet, distilling the scent of incense is even harder than capturing the flutter of a butterfly's wings and the scent of a delicate flower.

Dance of Fire perfume showcases the beauty and depth of ancient resins burning on a hot charcoal, allowing the scent of wafting, swirling smokes to caress one's skin.

At its heart are frankincense, nagramotha, lovage and a prehistoric fossilized amber resin from Tibet, covering it with an almost realistic smoky veil. 

Dance of Fire perfume is now ceremonially released into the ether at the auspicious date and time 22.02.2022, at 2:22am.  

Top notes: Virginia Cedarwood, Sweet Orange

Heart notes: Frankincense, Cistus, Guaicwood, Liquidambar

Base notes: Tibetan Amber, Labdanum, Benzoin, Don Quai, Lovage

Fragrance family:  Ambery-Incense, Smoky

  • Post author
    Ayala Sender
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