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Make Up Alley Recognition

Wow, I just visited Make Up Alley and noticed that the product reviews directory now recognizes Ayala Moriel as a brand. I'm so very excited and thrilled that this happened!

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you MUAers who made this happen. I'm sure all your reviews had a lot to do with it! Big hug to each and every one of you!
There is a review I believe for each one of my 50 perfumes offered at the moment. So I guess my next goal would be for my teas and candles to be reviewed there too... Just a little wishful thinking, won't hurt, right?

And as a little thank you - when you place an order with Ayala Moriel, please mention MUA in your notes (and your MUA nickname if you like) and you will receive a free tealight candle with any sample order and a bath salt with any order of a full size bottle.

Have a great week!


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