• Blogger's Update

Blogger's Update

I've been bitterly neglecting my blog in the past three months. It's been a bit of a roller-coaster, having more responsibilities than usual in my personal life, preparing for many possible transitions, and approaching the graduating of my daughter.
But don't worry, I'm still alive and kicking. Just immersed deeply in the day-to-day work and responsibilities of running the business and this busy household. My writing energy has been completely diverted to completing the pilot correspondence course, dedicated to Citrus & Colognes + Lab 101. For those of you interested - I am offering this pilot module at a 50% discount until June 19th, in exchange for your honest feedback so that I can make this program the best correspondence program I can possibly offer (I'm planning to write and design 7 more modules after this one is out).

Those who sign up will receive a PDF of the material (which includes lists of the materials you will need for this module, step-by-step guide to reading and exercises for thorough and hands-on learning) and can ask questions via email or Skype chat. At the end of your studies, you will have to submit at least one of the perfumes you've created during the course; and will have to write test of that is conducted via email. With a successful completion of these last two steps, you will receive your certificate of completion for that module, and will be invited to continue to the next.

P.s. Private lessons via Skype conference calls can be booked in addition in order to address personal questions and monitor your progress and answer additional questions you may have about your perfumery studies.
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