• Perfume Naming Contest + Informal Poll

Perfume Naming Contest + Informal Poll

Forest Floor

Thank you for all of you who've taken the time and shared your thoughts with me on the perfume name. It smells like the magic that occurs in a sunny spot in the rainforest on a warm day late in the summer and early in the fall, which is unique to the Pacific Northwest. Everyone who sent their suggestions will be sent a sample of the perfume shortly (please email me with your mailing address so that I can accomplish my part of the deal). I'm still deciding between a few options that were shortlisted: The four names that most resonated with me are Komorebi (thanks, Avraham Yehoshua!), Cathedral Grove (Thank you, Joanna Garfinkel!), Dappled Gold, and Pacific Spirit. Please take a moment to vote in this poll (or respond in the comment sections to the informal poll below) and enable me to share this creation with you  in the most appropriate season for it - now!

Informal poll: Ayala Moriel Parfums is about to release a new perfume that captures the wonderful scent that can be experienced this time of year in the Pacific northwest rainforests: It emanates from the sun-dappeled fragrant forest floor on those warm days when the sun brings out the sweet smells of redcedar, moss & Douglas fir…
What would be the best name for this perfume, among the following:

1. Komorebi *
2. Cathedral Grove **
3. Dappled Gold ***
4. Pacific Spirit ****

*The Japanese word for "Sun filtering through foliage"
** Ancient growth forest with giant redcedars and hemlock spruces on Vancouver Island
*** Alluding to the golden interplay of light on the forest floor (which is also part of the Komorebi phenomenon)
**** Forest in Vancouver's Westside, near UBC

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