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In Defence of Scent

Canadians have a knack for taking the fun out of things. For example: the constant push for scent-free policies. So far, these have only been gracing individualized spots, such as workplaces (I've encountered them in countless office buildings), recreational facilities (I've seen them, to my horror, in the community and recreational centres around town, and of course in gyms, Pilates and yoga studios) and naturally, in municipal and governmental offices (where people are, understandably, rather grouchy and touchy about their personal spaces). No signs have been spotted in public transit yet, thank goodness. Although it would have been nice if there were gentle reminders about the benefits of maintaining personal hygiene and abstaining for dousing oneself in more than one or two alcoholic beverages in each 24 hour cycle. Because in some bus lines (especially those going towards the direction of the rising sun), the stench of untoward humanoids whose diet comprises of fermented yeas beverages is abound.

So when I heard this mini radio essay about the woes of a scent-sensitive journalist, I was simultaneously compassionate towards her experience (breathing shards of glass is more often than never a very accurate description of the wafts of scent I get from department-store fragrances); and also very dismayed at the idea of regulating yet another area of our lives.

It's interesting to read the comments to this broadcast online and discover that I'm not alone in that view. Phew.
  • Anti-ScentiesCanada EhRegulationsScent Free Public PlaceScent Free Workplace
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