• Citrus Week (May 4-8)
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Citrus Week (May 4-8)

There are four more spaces remaining for Citrus Week (May 4-8).
This is a week long course at my Vancouver studio, suitable for all levels. It focuses on the basic lab skills (tincturing, dilutions, measuring, weighing, recording) through studying the earliest form of European/Western perfumes: Aqua Mirabillis AKA Eaux de Colognes. You'll really enjoy discovering historic formulae, as well as learning about the unique properties of the citrus oils in body care and cleaning products (functional perfumery), learn a bit about organic chemistry, and - the biggest challenge of all: learn to discern between the sutble nuances that differentiate the many varieties of citrus oils, i.e. red mandarin vs. yellow mandarin; grapefruit vs. bergamot; lemon vs. lime; sweet orange vs. bitter orange.

Featured Lecture: The Role of Citrus in Functional Fragrances

Featured (Practical) Workshop: Tincturing citrus zest and citrus leaves

Dates and Structure:
The course runs May 4-8, which is a full week - Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4pm and takes place at Ayala Moriel's private home studio.
The mornings (9:30am-12pm) are dedicated to theory and studying olfaction (discerning between notes). The afternoons (1pm-4pm) are a lab session which is dedicated to the practical implementations of what was studied in the morning, i.e. weighing, measuring, recording, formulation, composition and compounding.
  • Citrus WeekNatural Perfumery CoursePerfume SchoolStudy Natural Perfumery
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