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Welcome to my Smelly Blog!

This is the temporary home of my Smelly Blog - a perfumer's journal, a personal journey and a sneak peak into one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of human existence - scent and perfume.

This blog will feature essays about the creative aspects of perfume making, the Building Blocks of perfumery, perfume reviews, and interactive sections with DIY recipes for fragrant (and edible!) products, as well and activities that introduce young children to perfume joyfully (and safely). Many more surprises will be added along the way, and eventually this blog will move to it's permanent home on my upcoming new website.

I hope that you will find this blog smelly in the most affectionate and sensual way possible through the scentless cyberspace, and that it will open the door to a deeper understanding and enjoyment of our day-to-day-life.

Thank you for reading!

  • Announcements
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