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L’Ombre Dans l’Eau

A watercolour painting can portray a complete scent with lighting and emotion with just a few simple strokes of colour-stains. A good storyteller can shutter ones emotions and make one’s imagination wonder to unknown lands while using very few simple adjectives to describe them…
L’Ombre Dans l’Eau does it by using only a few simple notes to conjure a full story with colours, textures and emotions: It smells like the eternal summer at the riverside garden - The Flower Garden of the Woman Who Could Conjure – a chapter in the great story by Hans Christian Anderson “The Snow Queen”.

This scent makes me feel like little Gerda gliding with her boat along the river, running barefoot in the endless summer of the flower garden of the woman who could conjure, and talking to the roses arose from the mud…

Tomatoes, roses and earth, summer and honeybees humming and buzzing around sticky juice dripping from the berries on the vine. How can these greens and berries and dirt and roses be so smooth and opulent is beyond my understanding. There are only few notes that create this scene: a cheerful and energetic green tomato leaf, lush, red and soft roses at full bloom at the warmth of the sun, tart redcurrants and a fertile, moist soil of patchouli and oakmoss. That’s it.

I will not add a single word, Andersen said it much better than I could ever possibly express myself.
  • DiptyqueGreen PerfumesL’Ombre Dans l’EauOakmossPerfume Review
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