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Green Almonds

Spring is the season of green almonds. While the shells are not yet hard and dry, and the nut (the actual almond – the “seed”) is not yet ripe. The whole fruit is eaten as is, or with salt. Are you surprised to find out that it is sour? Wait until you reach the interior of this peculiar fruit – the almond is soft and jelly like, and has a very peculiar yet delicate texture and flavour. I am yet get converted to eating almonds at this state, despite the fact that my family adores them (I got a good example of watching my parents eat them as a child, as if it was the most delicious thing in the world). I prefer to wait until May, when the peel is still green, but the interior almonds have started to ripen. The almonds inside are by than crunchy and slippery white. Or better yet, wait until June, when the almond actually start tasting like almond – milky yet not as dry is the almond nuts, much like fresh blanched almonds. Yum!
(At this point the green outer peel starts to peel off and the a soft white shell starts to develop).
  • BotanyPhotographySpringTravel
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