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There are a few perfumes that I particularly like to wear for bedtime. This is a strange phenomenon, and only the truly addicted perfume connoisseur will even think of such a use for perfume. I am referring to scents that are seductive borderline sedative (or the other way around). Although these could be also seductive in their own way, for some reason they have a very calming presence. In the next couple blog entries I will talk about some of the perfumes I like to wear to bed – and rarely for any other occasion. In fact, I may not quite know how it feels to wear them during the waking hours – that will be as odd as wearing my pyjamas out of the house. This is, of course, a totally personal choice. To each their own bedtime scents. I would love to hear about yours!

I would like to close this round of floral perfume reviews with my two favourite bedtime perfumes - No. 5 and Tocde.
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