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ScaredSacred DVD is out!

ScaredSacred, a groundbreaking documentary (in fact, my favourite documentary of all times), is now on DVD!

ScaredSacred is a rare, beautiful, and an emotionally and spiritually transforming film. It is a personal and spiritual journey, searching for light and hope amidst darkness and pain. That aside, it is beautifully filmed and edited, to tell a story of one's soul in search for understanding and redemption in its existence. The story is told as a mysterious tale and the cinematography is visually stunning and captivating.

It was personally touched by this film and it truly spoke to my heart. Having been raised in one of the "Ground Zero's" shown in the film, I found ScaredSacred surprisingly sincere and non-biased, and spiritually uplifting and transforming in a most positive and genuine way.

You can read other reviews of this ScaredSacred on IMDB.com.

You can now buy the DVD on a special deal through HelloCoolStuff.com, the webstore run by the team of people who promote this film, mostly by word of mouth and grassroots projects. Here is their cool banner, which you can also post on your own blog:

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