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More Web Updates

Well, as promised, my old Quinta Essentia website is now updated!
In fact, it now bears the Ayala Moriel name and logo, an update I didn’t even dream of, but apparently it took exactly 2 minutes to do for my wizard boyfriend. The new colour scheme even looks pretty good with the old one, which is quite surprising, especially when both are using shades of green…

After spending a pretty geeky weekend (sprinkled with healthy doses of beach and jazz), the website now has some marginal yet useful information, such as the prices for each product and the various forms and concentrations each fragrance comes in, as well as ordering, shipping and payment information.

Also, you can get your Fragrance Consultation by answering the questionnaire and emailing it to me (just copy and pasted all the questions, type in your answers and email them to me). It’s a low-tech temporary solution, which in the new website will turn into an easy-to-fill online-form.

p.s. After the excitement of the this weekend, there will be new posts with more reviews and other fragrant thoughts either tonight or tommorrow.
  • AnnouncementsAyala Moriel Parfums
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