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Gift from Eie Flud

Lavender Moon, originally uploaded by ObedientMuse.

Lavender is beautiful. As simple as that. It’s simple, complex, clean, warm, floral, herbal, musky, enchanting, pure, bright, powdery, sensual, anything you can think of except for boring. In fact it’s one of the most versatile notes on the perfumer’s palette.

I had just received in the mail a fragrant surprise - a lovely gift from Heather of Eie Flud (I was fortunate enough to win her Mother’s Day contest as part of the Benevolent Blogging project we both participated in, along with may other talented and community-conscious bloggers).

Lavender Shea Body Balm
This rich, buttery and nourishing body balm is a real treat of a scent - and also a treatment for the skin with its luxurious texture. I’d use it whenever my skin needs intense moisture and protection. But really I would use it whenever I want to smell its heavenly lavender all around me. Unlike many other lavender scented body products that I smelled before – Eie Flud’s lavender balm has a substantial scent. It really reminds me of my own powdery-vanillic soliflore, just in a solid and moisturizing form... I just love this pure lavender, with all its complexity and richness, and that simple rejuvenating, centering effect.

Lavender Sachet
This came in the prettiest white muslin drawstring-bag, just like you would expect any self-respectable English lady to have in her wardrobe in order to keep all linens and clothes fresh. If you think you already know everything about lavender and don’t need it in your life, just try one of those sachets of fine English lavender in your closet for a couple of hours. Than open the closet, and if you don’t notice something different right than and there - inhale deeply into one of the garments, and you will be pleasantly surprised…

In the package was also a charity soap for Unique, with oak leaves and lemon balm, and a lovely embroidered pure-white handkerchief.

Thank you, Heather!

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