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I had a feeling for a while when I was filling out the new flacons, that they hold more than the manufacturer's has stated. I finally had the guts to challenge that paradigm today, and measured the content.
These hold 9ml and not 8ml as stated on my website.

The good news:
All of you who bought 8ml parfum in the past couple of months actually got an extra 1ml for free!
I will not be making changes to the current price for the time being, not until the New Year, anyways. The new price will only be about $10 more than it is now, which is still a very good deal for that size of flacon, comparing to other brands who sell a similar quantity.

I will be making the update on the website over the next few days to frelect the real volume of the flacons.
  • AnnouncementsAyala Moriel ParfumsFlaconsPackaging
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