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Yellow Yuzu Bath & Body Oil

This citrus scent is equally sweet and fresh. Cheerful and rejuvenating.
In Japan, sliced yuzu fruit is added into the ceremonial baths of the winter solstice (see image below). Try it in the dead of winter, and you'll understand why!

50 Yuzu Essential Oil

20 Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil
20 Lemon Essential Oil
20 Grapefruit Essential Oil
10 Mandarin Essential Oil
100ml carrier oil of your choice

Fill a clean glass bottle with the carrier oil of your choice (i.e.: sweet almond, fractioned coconut oil, jojoba, etc.). Add the essences drop by drop using an eye dropper. Stir with a bamboo skewer. Cap and swirl from side to side to let all the essences blend together.
Let the oils age for a week (unless you are in a real hurry!).

Yuzu Fruit by Nakagawa
Yuzu Bath by LePacifique
  • Bath OilsDIY LoveRecipes
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