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Black Licorice Bath & Body Oil

Sexy, spicy bath and massage oil. Licorice is considered an aphrodisiac, and so are black truffles.

20 drops Star Anise Essential Oil
10 drops Aniseed Essential Oil
3 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
20 drops Tarragon Essential Oil
1 Tbs. Black Truffle Oil (these can be found in many supermarkets and gourmet grocery stores)
100ml Carrier Oil of your choice

Fill a clean glass bottle with the carrier oil of your choice (i.e.: sweet almond, fractioned coconut oil, jojoba, etc.). Add the essences drop by drop using an eye dropper. Stir with a bamboo skewer. Cap and swirl from side to side to let all the essences blend together.
Let the oils age for a week (unless you are in a real hurry!).

Image: Black Licorice by FloydSlip
  • Bath OilsDIY LoveRecipes
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