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Land of Milk and Honey

Juice Stand, Tel Aviv, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

I am traveling again, hence the pathetic lack of posts since last Friday. I spent the last week packing, flying, and than catching up on two nights of sleep missed after I flew to Tel Aviv via Frankfurt, and spent a European spring day there (mostly in the Palmen Garten). I will report later, as the internet connection I am getting is interrupted (hopefully be fixed by Sunday), and I am also heading to Clil, the little wire-less village I grew up in to celebrate my long awaited birthday for the first time in my homeland in 9 years! There is no way I will even attempt to use dial up connection. But I will have plenty of time to write up some interesting posts that I've been planning to publish here. So stay tuned to more photos and olfactory stories...

Photo: juice stand in Sheinkin street, Tel Aviv. The signs (from right to left) say:
Carrot + Ginger
Research: Pomegranate saves from cancer

I had a delicious banana, peach and melon juice, while Tamya was sipping away her pineapple, banana and strawberry juice. We than headed to the beach, were we are planning to spend the best time of this spring soaking up on vitamin D and producing more serotonin than ever...

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