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Atlas, it's time for your bath

Happy Earth Day to all the citizens of this planet!

Some plant a tree on Earth Day, or participate in eco-activism. I belive Earth Day should be all year around. We really should take care of this planet we live on. But just like we ten to neglect our bodies, we do so to the Earth that is our nourishing home.

For Earth Day, I’d like to bring to your attention a environmental/perfume issue which I was procrastinating to bring up, simply because I don’t’ take bad news well when I’m jet lagged. This is the possible ban on all citrus oils by the EU Cosmetics Regulatory Board. I will elaborate on that tomorrow, but for now, I would like to refer you to Cropwatch’s latest newsletter on the topic.

What can we do? Take matters into consumers' hands! Emailing Cropwatch to take part in the Campaign for Real Perfume.

I am now off to catch up with 5 nights of no sleep. Good night!

  • AnnouncementsEarth Day
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