• Tirzah: New Linden Blossom Soliflore
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Tirzah: New Linden Blossom Soliflore

Ayala Moriel is proud to announce the launch for our new summery soliflore: Tirzah.
Tirzah is Hebrew for Linden, and the name for the newest addition to my soliflore collection - a linden blossom soliflore! The sweet and tart elegance of linden blossom is at the heart of this light and refreshing summery fragrance.

The timing for the launch of Tirzah couldn’t be better: linden blossoms are in full bloom throughout the month of June, emanating their delicate, honey-like aroma in the air. And what more - Tirzah is particularly suitable for a heat wave, with its top notes of green lemon zest and the cucumber-like mimosa, chilling heart notes of iris roots and a clean woody base of Fokienia with a hint of hay.

Tirzah has a deep green coloured juice and comes in parfum extrait (alcohol base) only. As linden blossom seems to be the favourite of only select few, Tirzah will be only a limited edition for now. It will remain part of the collection only for this summer. If it proves to be exceedingly popular, we will add it to our regular collection. Otherwise, we’ll just bring it in again next summer…

Top notes: Green Lemon, Mimosa, Elemi, Frangipani Absolute
Heart notes: Linden Blossom, Guiacwood, Iris Roots
Base notes: Fokienia (Siamwood), Hay Absolute, Ambrette Seeds

Illustration: Rusalka by Konstantin Vasiliev
(If you're wondering why I picked this image - it best portrays the scent visually in my opinion, just like hiding from the heat of sun among the cool shady trees by the river; and also it has trees from the linden family all over it)

Scene from
Die Trapp-Familie (1956)
The Von Trapps are singing Der Lindenbaum by Schubert, a beautiful Lied about a linden tree, from "Der Winterriser" (D911) Lieder Cycle. It is originally for piano and voice, but I love this a-capela interpretation with the beautiful, innocent children's voice. It really reminds me of the delicate scent of linden...
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