• Prince's Perfume 3121 Launched Today
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Prince's Perfume 3121 Launched Today

Today, 07.07.07, the legendary Minneapolis-born musician and cultural phenomenon known to us as Prince has launched a perfume called "3121". The fragrance was launched today with a 24 hour online charity event giving away 7% of each $31.21 sale of a 30ml EDP bottle via the website to 7 different charities.

I've never knew Prince was into numerology... Once I was grown up enough (and with enough dirty English vocabulary to pick some of them in some of his lyrics) I was under the impression that he was into numbers in a totally different way. I shouldn't have been so judgmental, I suppose, as this campaign takes an interesting turn: The numer 3121 add up to 7 as well (in case you haven't noticed), and the price was chosen accordingly. So are the other uses of the number seven.

The scent itself is said to be an "xquisite, mysterious xotic caleidoscope of rich florals".
It was developed by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics Inc, and according to their press release, "3121 is a white floral scent that opens with a refreshing sparkle of crisp bergamot, opulent jasmine and gardenia. Orange flower and muguet sensually intertwine with tuberose and ylang ylang, creating a subtle, mysterious blend; evolving into notes of patchouli and creamy sandalwood. Precious cedarwood and luxurious musks complement this sexy scent with an almost surreal draw that tugs at all senses for total captivation".

At least we know it is not a fruity floral. Hopefully, just like Prince's music, it is worth purchasing "deaf" (AKA without any advanced listening). Because I'm going to buy it unsniffed. Hurry, before the clock rings 12 again... Oops, I think I've already missed it, because it's already past midnight EST. Wait, I tried it, and it worked! They even take PayPal! See, I already ordered it blind before even publishing this post. Now I can just sit back and listen to "Purple Rain"...

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