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Eau de Google

Any of you gentlemen even thought you might be spending too much time online? You're not doing all the bad if you haven't heard (or are wearing) this perfume yet...

Online marketing for perfumes seems to go beyond the reach of the spider. Some of the keywords and algorithms relating to every man's most desired search terms has been squeezed out of the Google concept and been injected into a mass marketed perfume from China.

I know nothing of the scent, but according to Need Coffe Dot Com, after a simple spritz of Google Eau de Toilette, the men amongst you will "Find yourself at the top of any SERP and get plenty of conversions with this new fragrance that will have women clicking through to you every time." For more laughs read the rest of the article here.

Many thanks for Fragrantica for the story and links!

Image courtesy of Le Petit Musee des Marques where this product is on display along with other brand-infringement items. Ok, I admit it, it's not really courtesy
of them. But since they are all about stolen branding, I figured I could just use their photo as long as I provided link to the other fraud they're showing.
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