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Time is Ticking for the Zodiac

Endlessly, Hopelessly, originally uploaded by Alistair Craven.

Ever since I've announced the discontinuation of the Zodiac perfumes, there has been a revival in the interest in them. I'm even beginning to get desperate emails from devastated customers that couldn't find them on my new website.

Well, here are a few good news for those who were unaware of Ayala Moriel's strict policy about making all scents available as special order. Even ones that were discontinued. That is upon two condition:

1) You must order a full bottle (either 8ml flacon or 10ml roll-on) - samples are not available for discontinued perfumes (for a simple reason: we only make these fragrances on special-order basis so we don't usually have them in stock).
2) The ingredients for making the perfume in question are available in the market. If a building block is "discontinued" so to speak (meaning: it's not in prodution and therefore we cannot acquire it anymore), there is not much we can do about it. Unless, of course, we change the formula!

Some of you may remember that the Zodiac perfumes are on a huge 50% clearance sale ($65 per each 10ml roll-on parfum oil bottle!) until the end of 2007. This is true as long as quantities last. Which means, that if you order a perfume that is no longer in stock, and we need to make a special batch for you - you will still be charged the full amount ($130).

To place your order, simply visit my old Quinta-Essentia website, on the Zodiac page. Select the Zodiac sign you want to purchase, and with one click you will be able to order your favourite Zodiac perfume oil (or creme parfum). If the fragrance is still in stock, you will be refunded immediately for the 50% discount. If we need to make it especially for you, the full price will be charged.

For your information, here is a list of the Zodiac perfumes still in stock:

Taurus - Oriental rose deepened with patchouli and vanilla and a sprinkled with a hint of palmarosa and tangerine.

Gemini - Citrus Chypre, with lemongrass, oakmoss and agarwood

Cancer - Deeply sensual amber with luxurious jasmine and mysterious notes of camphor and anise.

Leo - Incensey and bright, with olibanum, Roman chamomile, cinnamon, rose and vanilla.

Libra - Soft floriental with tuberose, tonka bean rose and sandalwood and a hint of green galbanum and clementine.

Scorpio - Leathery and naughty with lotus, tuberose, smoked benzoin, jasmine, tonka, zantoxylum, opoponax and black and pink peppercorns.

Sagittarius - Exotic, warm foresty and spicy with fir absolute, black tea, champaca, carnation and star anise.

Aquarius - Fougere floral with Linden blossom, green cognac, lavender, rosewood, Buddha wood, blue cypress and myrrh.
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