• Happy No Rooz: The Persian New Year

Happy No Rooz: The Persian New Year

No Rooz: The Persian New Year, originally uploaded by Liquid Nerve.

Today is Persian New Year, and interestingly enough, also the even of Purim, a holiday that all began in Persia, once upon a time... Tomorrow is the beginning of Easter too, so I'm doing the undoable and dedicating this post for holiday wishes for all of my friends of different faiths and cultures, all coinciding in th beginning of Spring. It is also a full moon, which I'm sure counts for something as well... So:
Happy Persian New Year
Happy Purim (only time in the year Jews are encouraged to get drunk and cross-dress!)
Happy Easter
And Fabulous Full Moon

The picture is of the "Haft Seen" - the display of the 7 S's in the tradition of Persian New Year. You may want to click on the photo and read about the beautiful symbolism of the Haft Seen spread.

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