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Ayala's Etsy Shop

You are invited to visit my brand-new Etsy shop!

What's the difference between my Etsy shop and my online boutique?
Bascially, there are some things that are in both, and some things unique to each online location...

For example, here are a few things you can find only on the Etsy shop:
1) Poison Rings and other fragrant collectibles - this is the place to find what's new in my Perfumed Jewelry collection (some will be featured on AyalaMoriel.com, but there is only room for one at a time there, where's my Etsy shop will have several listed simultaneously!)
2) Great discounts on clearance items, such as the Zodiac perfume oils, and more
3) Discontinued and limited edition perfumes that made it temporarily back in stock will be featured on the Etsy shop as well.
4) New colours for pendents will be also featured only on the Etsy shop. We currently have moon stone, opalite, carnelian and mother of pearl, aside from our signature opal stone ones.

Essentially, the Etsy shop will not have all the perfumes listed - just the most popular ones or the discontinued ones.

Check it now - I hope you'll find there what you are looking for!
And if not, I'm always here to hear from you about new things you'd like to be added or hunted down.
  • Ayala Moriel ParfumsEtsyPerfume News
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