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News from the Nose: Cool Summer Specials & New Tea Sizes

Dear Fragrant Friends,

Ayala Moriel wishes you wonderful summer holidays and bon voyage to those of you traveling.

We have whipped up some fantastic fragrant offering for you this summer, to help you cope with the heat, reduce the stress of juggling work & fun, kids & social life, outdoors & travel. With the little ones roaming free after a long school year and grown ups trying to catch up with the sun (or escaping from it, depending on which part of the world you dwell in), a little fragrant escape might be in place!

In this newsletter:

Bon Voyage Purse Roll-On Trio

To make traveling easier on you and help you travel light we came up with a new fragrant wardrobe trio: three minuscule purse-roll-ons that can be easily packed in pocket, purse or luggage and accompany you to the most exotic destinations.

Each roll-on contains 5ml pure perfume essence in jojoba oil and is sold for $20 off the regular price – $175.

Pick any of your favourite fragrances to wear along or choose from these summery ideas:

Tropical Flowers: Gigi, Tamya & Coralle
Cool & Woody: Bon Zai, Vetiver Racinettes & Sabotage
Fresh & Juicy: Fetish, ArbitRary & Charisma

More Summer Scents for Less

Summertime and the living is easy… with more time for fun and less time for work we thought we’ll make it even easier for you to cool-off with our summery fragrances. Therefore, from now until the first day of fall (September 22nd) – the following perfumes will be offered for a special price: $82 for each perfume flacon. We hand-picked our juiciest and most exoticly summery fragrances, such as ArbitRary, Bon Zai, Charisma, Fetish, Kinmokusei, Sabotage, Tamya and more for you to enjoy in the alcohol base. Click here to buy and for the complete list of participating fragrances.

Fragrant Friendships Promo

Our fragrant friendship circle is growing, and only because of you! To show our appreciation for our customers and friends who send more business our way, we’d like to officially announce our “Fragrant Friendship” program: for every friend you convert into a fragrance lover, we give you $25 credit for your next order with us. How to participate? Simply refer friends to fill out our fragrance questionnaire, and ask them to mention your name when contacting us. Once they place their first order (samples included), you will receive a gift certificate via email that you can redeem when placing your next order. The gift certificate is valid for 6 months from the date it was issued.

Cooling-off Tips & Tricks

Summer calls for light scents, there is nothing new about that. It seems that the most summery scents divide into the following categories:


There is something about the rind of citrus fruit makes most people feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Citrus oils have been in use in many toiletries due to their anti-bacterial properties, and therefore are associated with cleanliness and purity. For many, a citrus cologne is all they can take in the summer. An even funner way to enjoy your citrus fragrances, especially if you live in the tropics or the desert is to refrigerate the cologne and enjoy a double-cool splash of citrus throughout the day.

Suggestions from our citrus fragrances: ArbitRary, Fetish, Arsenal

And this summer, you can also experience ArbitRary in your entire home as you burn our first perfumed soy wax candle. Made of pure soy wax candles with a cotton wick results in a clean

candle-burning experience. Our exquisite ArbitRary candles are essentially a perfumed burning wax, with their high content (20%) of essences - primatily jasmine asbolute, lime, basil, hay, moss and lemongrass. This is truly a "perfume in a candle" - a refrshing citrus-chypre classic fragrance, just like the original perfume. ArbitRary was burned last week at Noam Gagnon's Beyond Pilates Studio and have received rave reviews for its gentle throw and citrusy-herbaceous aroma!

Dry Woody

Dryness in the sense of un-sweet and non-cloying is a desired effect when heat and humidity reign. The note of vetiver is particularly effective in that regard. They have been considered cooling in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years. In the tropical countries where vetiver grows wild, vetiver rootlets are woven into mats, blinds and fans. When moistened with water, they release their cooling, clean-woody and earthy-sweet scent and create a calm, grounded feeling. When the wind comes through the moist blinds this aroma enters the home and relieves the dwelles from the heat. A wood fan scented with sandalwood or agarwood (I found mine in Chinatown and am just grateful for their aroma and design when I travel to my air-conditionered home-village). A woven vetiver-root fan can be found at Samara Botane and in the summer they sometime also offer vetiver hydrosol which can be sprinkled on the fan for an extra vetiver boost.

Recommended woody/vetiver fragrances for summer: Bon Zai, Sabotage, Vetiver Racinettes


Beach-summer association requires no explanations. Suntan lotions, vanilla ice cream cones, coconut oil and the scent of sun warmed sun and skin are for most people the epitome of summer’s olfactory symbols. Any scent that would even vaguely remind us of these sensual and lazy experiences is welcome in summertime (or when sunshine is missed here on the northern West Coast!).

Suggested fragrances: Coralle, Gigi, Cabaret

Tropical Floral

Summer nights are filled with the intoxicating scents of white flowers. Night blooming jasmine, orchids and gardenia. Recommended white florals from Ayala Moriel’s collection: Yasmin, White Potion, Tamya, Zohar

Tea: New Packaging & Serving Ideas

For your convenience, our teas are now packaged in a compact 1oz tins and for a more affordable price at $15 per tin (previous price: $30/2oz tin). Although we can still prepare the larger tins on request, only the smaller ones will be available online for now.

These tins look adorable, especially when tied with our satin ribbon and can be
presented as a gift. All three teas are now available - they were made
fresh at the end of June.

Immortelle l'Amour is an unforgettable dessert tea with the real vanilla beans making it an especially luxurious elixir. Tirzah is both visually and aromatically stunning floral-green-tea blend with exotic osmanthus flowers, hops blossoms and wood-floral linden. Gaucho has incredible liver-toning properties while being surprisingly

delicious for such a herbaceous blend - I find it grounding and
uplifting at the same time with its unsual blend of yerbamate,
lemograss, damiana, clover and sencha tea. Tirzah and Gaucho are also
very refreshing when served in room temperature or even chilled. I have
been serving both chilled at Portobello West and they've been flying
off my table even faster than my chocolate truffles!

Gift With Purchase @ B-Glowing.com

b-glowing.com is now offering a gift with purchase for limited time only (until July 10th or while quantities last):

Purchase any Ayala Moriel Perfume and receive a COMPLIMENTARY Perfumed Tea.
"Perfumed Tea" is appreciated by tea connoisseurs because it is
flavored only with actual plants rather than artificial or natural
flavoring essences. It is perfect served either hot or cold as part of
your daily Tea ritual. 1 oz. Retail value: $15.00

Coupon Code: ayala

Foundation of Natural Perfumery Course Part 1 & 2: Registration Closes July 15th

Registration to the Foundation of Natural Perfumery Course - for beginners and continuing students - is closing July 15th.

The course is a thorough introduction to both theory, practice and aesthetics of fragrance creation using natural aromatics only. It is designed to pave your path to become a professional natural perfumer - although even if you don't have such career aspirations and are just doing this for fun, you will still enjoy every moment of it!

This thorough and versatile course is unique from other natural perfumery courses in providing:

A) the fundamental techniques for working with natural aromatics;

B) a variety of approaches for perfume construction (i.e.: architectural approach, exploratory approach, working form briefs, and more)

C) the tools to expand your olfactory literacy through studying and analyzing perfumes and individual fragrance notes and expanding your vocabulary of scent and your ability to verbally communicate the olfactory wold.

D) Personal guidance and feedback, and hands-on and step-by-step experience and exercises, for correspondence and non-correspondence students alike

For more information about curriculum click here.

To register for the correspondence course and order your copy of the course handbook click here.

Wishing you all an adventurous and scrumptious summer! And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses…



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