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Living White Chocolate Perfume

White Chocolate Flower, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Here comes another tropic botanical mystery: these incredibly large and beautiful and almost champaca-looking flowers which possess a most unutual and non-floral white-chocolate & vanilla fragrance. A little urban forest of those thorny-trunk tropical trees grows just by my grandmother's house in Southeast Tel-Aviv and serves as a contrast to the otherwise foul street smells which intensify in the heat.

The flowers develop into a quite large green fruit that pops open to reveal a pulp that is everything but juicy: it looks like beige cottonwool and is fuzzy and soft.
I stuck one of those and a plumeria flower in my hair the other day and it's the best (and literally living) perfume imaginable. Sometimes it pays off not to take too many of your own artificial perfumes when traveling!

The Thorns of a White Chocolate Tree, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

P.s. Help me find the identity of this plant and I will send you a little edible treat from Israel...!

  • Botanical MysteryIsraelWhite Chocolate
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