• Landing on the Wrong Side of Autumn

Landing on the Wrong Side of Autumn

Take-off, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Crossing half way of the world in autumn time has it's pitfalls. Especially when traveling from a very warm country (Israel) to a rather cool one (Canada). From a relatively "cool" day of 31 degrees celsius in Tel Aviv, I was greeted in YVR by a relatively nice day (aka: the weather was cloudy and lightly vancouvering as usual) with highs of 14 degrees celsius. Thankfully, the humans inhabiting the city are more warm and welcoming than it's climate.

My 4-week-long absence was due completely to a wide selection of family functions of the utmost importance. Namely, my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, and my brothers wedding, which lasted a full week if counting the preparations in which all family members and friends took part in. One of my contributions was preparing nearly 300 perfumed chocolate truffles in 5 different flavours. It wasn't exactly a vacation or a holiday but it was an amazing trip nevertheless.

Thankfully, my company was blessed with the kind assistance of Tina, who took care of all the shipping until I return so customers don't have to wait 4 weeks for their perfumes. Let's give a hand for Tina for the awesome help and the smooth and seamless work she's been doing!

Now all the parties are over and I'm back in Vancouve just in time to put the fall and winter efforts on full blast and hopefully also find more time (and internet connections - I did come home to find that my modem from Telus is dead and they are taking their time - 10 days! - to send me another one). I'm not sure what there is to write about but I'm sure it will come to me as I settle into my little routine and work groove, with no family to distract me.

Being jet lagged and all has its advantages though. Such finding yourself wide awake at 4am and than completely tired by 7am. I decided to greet the gloomy weather yesterday by wearing No. 19 in parfum and it turned out to be an excellent choice. So excellent that I repeated this perfume early this morning before fixing a breakfast of walnut bread, pickles and brie. I realize now that there is going to be much more added meaning to a perfume that is experinced over many years. Shifts in attitude and mood and other life circumstances set the tone to the ways it will be perceived in the future. I may end up refering to No. 19 as my early in the morning jet lag perfume, perfect for waking up early and starting the work day before anyone else does.

To my trip, by the way, I only took with me 6 perfumes in very small bottles - Zohar, which I intended to wear at the wedding but spilled entirely in my back pack (something that never happened before and only happened now because I recently put this bottle on display and failed to ensure it is sealed before packing it); Bon Zai, Gigi and a little oil blend I recently made of various ambrette seed essences and a hint of vanilla co2. I also took Le Parfum de Therese and Un Jardin Apres la Mousson (both perfect for warm weather, however I have to add that Un Jarind Apres la Mousson was barely noticeable in the very hot and humid weather). I also took Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Toilette which I worn only once before bed time and than a tiny bit on my flight back.

This fall holds many news and events at Ayala Moriel - but I will save the excitement for when the time arrives. For now, I just wanted to wish everybody a wonderful fall, since it has just begun 2 days ago. Let's enjoy to its fullest this time of transformation.

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