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Scented Candle Collection

Ok, ok, ok. I'll admit it: I'm in love. With my candles.
This is a whole new experience for me - enjoying scented candles. I burned to the bottom both Bois d'Hiver and ArbitRary and I'm struggling to not dip into the stash for retail.

Clearly, I'm not the only one who thinks they are amazing: The ArbitRary candles are completely sold out and will not be in till next week. Bois d'Hiver has only 2 candles left in stock. And the first shipment of White Potion has already several candles pre-ordered. One of them is going straight to Noam Gagnon's Pilates Studio, where it will enhance the breathing techniques of the students and guests, and of the Pilates maestro. When I decided to create a candle version for White Potion I had Noam in mind, so I’m glad he’s the first one to fall in love with it (head over heels, if I may add).

You may want to know now - how do these candles smell?
Bois d’Hiver is the first candle I wanted to create. I really enjoyed other woody and foresty candles (i.e.: the very fresh woody Noel candle from Annick Goutal, and Into the Woods by Origins - a discontinued candle; as well as the more smoky Diptyque’s Feu de Bois & Essence of John Galliano). But I wanted to create my own, all natural candle. Bois d’Hiver already smelled like how I would like a candle to smell. However it was everything but easy to translate into a candle. The first version had too much fir and was just not right in every possible way including colour, texture, and both cold and warm throw. The final version is perfect, with a beautiful balance between the fresh woody coniferous notes, festive spice notes and incensey notes. In a sense, it combines all the classic scents of Christmas: incense in Midnight Mass, spicy cookies and eggnog and fresh green Christmas tree - but without smelling like a cliche. I was surprised at how well the incense notes come out once the candle is burnt. It smells like a dream.

White Potion is creamy and soft and smooth floral. It is very gentle and sweet and such a luxurious treat to burn. It contains plenty of tuberose floral wax, which makes it, well, floral and tuberosey (floral wax is the by product of creating floral absolutes and contains whatever fragrance is left in the flower and did not want to leave the wax). It also has coconut and tonka bean, ylang ylang, grapefruit and bergamot. It really is like burning perfume in your space and makes the world seem luscious and creamy. It’s a very romantic candle, but to me could also be great as a meditation candle, as it is very soothing.

And of course - you already know about ArbitRary - an invigorating citrusy candle with juicy lime, nectar-like jasmine with basil and hay. I’ve burnt this all summer and burnt it down very fast. I’ve run through these candles faster than any other kind of candles (I still have a few from more than a year ago).

A new candle will come out in mid December, based on Roses et Chocolat parfum. The first version was divine but I want it to be even better!
  • ArbitRary CandleBois d'Hiver CandleRoses et Chocolat CandleWhite Potion Candle
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