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Ayala Moriel @ Beyond Pilates

Ayala Moriel is proud to announce the latest retail location in Vancouver: Noam Gagnon's Wellness Centre Beyond Pilates.

Guests to Beyond Pilates studio have recently enjoyed the candles burnt at the studio - Bois d'Hiver and White Potion. Now they can take them home with them, and also pick a perfume for personal use from a collection of 7 perfume oil roll-ons: ArbitRary, Ayalitta, Bon Zai, Espionage, Palas Atena, Tamya and White Potion.

Beyond Pilates is much more than just another Pilates studio; it is, as the name suggest, a centre for well-being, where you can really connect with yourself through your body and learn how to maintain your well-being through correct posture and breathing.
The teachers at Beyond Pilates are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and offer group and individual classes different Pilates styles - Reformer, Mat, Low Chair, Tower, Combo and circuit classes, as well as Gyrokinesis and soon even will offer prenatal and postpartum calsses.
Beyond Pilates is also the home for other therapists and practitioner - where you can find therapies such as Shiatzu, Homeopathy, Rolfing, Cranio-Sacral Massage and more.
  • Ayala Moriel ParfumsBeyond PilatesNewsRetailers
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