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Ayala's Wishlist

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This is by no means a shopping list and none of these items (or their lack thereof) poses a life-or-death situation.

1. Japanese Koh-Doh Set

2. Hinoki Bath Salts
These can be found at Daiso and are the best thing you can add to a winter bath.

3. Sycomore
For those not in the know - the newest Les Exclusif eau de toilette from Chanel. I’ve gone through 4mls of this jus within about a week. A full bottle might just come handy and even get used up one day too. But I won’t say my life is incomplete without it.
* Other perfumes on my wishlist are Velvet Gardenia (Tom Ford), Kyoto (Commes de Garcons) and Sous le Vent (Guerlain).

4. Velvet Gardenia (Tom Ford Private Blends)
Very unusual for me to love a floral and be able to wear it. The key for it to work for me is the labdanum base. It also reminds me of tea time at The Empress in Victoria, when I first wore it.

5. Crabtree & Evelyn Lemongrass & Brown Sugar Botanical Body Scrub
I can never have too many of those - I would practically eat this on a daily basis if it wasn't for the fact that I run out of it too soon.

6. Scented soap, in particular Lemon Verbena soap or Editions de Parfums Vétiver Extraordinaire Shower Gel and/or Soap

7. Scented body lotion or cream, i.e.: Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cream, or Editions de Parfums' Carnal Flower Body Creme. I wouldn't mind Mitsouko body cream or Un Jardin Apres la Mousson body lotion either.

8. Freesias, either yellow or white, because they are pretty and smell so good.
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