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The Perfect-T

U p s e t, originally uploaded by cool_A.

Have you ever found yourself smelling someone's clothes when they're not around? Apparently, you are not alone.

“It was almost like a presence” said Melanie Shoup, the lead of a study about people smelling clothing articles of loved ones to feel closer to them, even after they've died; which makes the notion of the scent of things as their ether, essence or spirit almost literal.

This is not a typical topic of conversation, but I will admit I've done it on more than one occasion. The scent of loved ones - and not necessarily romantic partners - is part of how we experience them in our life. It is an invisible presence that seem to take on its own existence and in a way, we have a relationship with it, not just with the person who exudes it.
  • Sense of Smell
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