• Let's Exchange Saliva Codes

Let's Exchange Saliva Codes

Code washing, originally uploaded by Ezu.

Code washing, originally uploaded by Ezu.

Internet dating might finally become the perfect way to choose a mate thanks to a new fast saliva test "to determine your own body odour and enter it as a code in a database. If the flirt partner has also entered their smell profile, you can find out within seconds whether you would like their smell".

All you need is to lick a piece of chromatographic paper and a whole new world of smelligible singles will be at your finger tips (if they've taken the test too, that is). The company who developed the test, called Basisnote hopes to implement it in internet dating. In addition to your hobbies, photos and physical specs, you could soon enter your body odour code and search for compatible mates.

Ad - Armani Code - Modern Flapper, originally uploaded by George Morris.

The theory behind this test originates in a 90's study by Claus Wedekind at University of Bern. According to Wedekind, we choose mates based on their body odour, which is affected by the person's immune system. The greater the difference in the immunie system, the better the chances of having healthy offsprings with that person. Better figure this out before wasting your time and money on another first date with the wrong smelling person and having unhealthy baby with them 9 months later.

Rather than starting a new dating site, Basisnote ((I wonder if Basenotes are going to sue them?!) next step is to delve into the fragrance industry. Armani Code might take a whole new meaning.

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