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Package From India

Surprise in the mail: a package from India. And the contents were definitely not what I expected.
My brother spent 6 months in the Chabad house in Rishikesh trapping Israeli backpackers into the bosom of Judaism. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found inside, instead of Hassidic propaganda, the sweetest letter (in English so Tamya can understand!) AND the most thoughtful and sweet little gifts for Tamya and I: spices (one of which really hard to find and I only than recalled that I did ask him to see if he can find it in India), Assam tea in a silk bag, turquoise beaded necklace, handmade paper notebooks wrapped in silk paper and some medicinally fragrant creams, ointments including Neem & Turmeric soap.

And now a little guessing game for you: guess what the spices are (there are only 2 of them and both are shown in the picture!) and you will receive a roll-on perfume of your choice that includes either of those notes from my collection - which is why I can't reveal the prize just as yet...!
Winner will be announced Friday June 19th.
  • Free PerfumesGiveawayIndiaNeemSpices
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