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Notorious: Hitchock’s Film Noir classic and now also a fragrance from Ralph Lauren. How or why would the two be connected is beyond me. But perhaps my prejudice regarding this American fashion house put it in a box titled “tennis and polo outfits” and completely forgot about the vintage sport of Nazi hunting. What better time for designing wardrobe for this rare excursion, now that the supply of these unique villains is dwindling down?

In a weak moment of shopping therapy after some unpleasant beurocratic ordeal, I was intrigued by what a few months ago, at first sniff smelled uneventful from a now forgotten sample vial. But on that particular afternoon, on the black scent-card at The Bay it smelled like chocolate, cinnamon and atop patchouli and some modern musks; in other words – exactly what I needed to get back at my beurocratic villains and show them who’s in charge. On the skin it smells a bit like Narciso Rodriguze for Her, but not as floral and not as musky either. In the department store context it smelled unique, distinct and a little quirky, like the dirty heiress of Pure Turquoise which disappeared from the shelf without notice. At home it smells nondescript, like the beauty and cosmetics level of the department store where it came from. The cinnamon and cocoa mystery is barely there on the skin, and like most contemporary designer releases it wears a little better on fabric. Expect none of the intrigue, danger or post World War II Nazi-hunting paranoia in the film that supposedly inspired this jus.

According to Basenotes, the connection might have more to do with model licensing and the re-make of Notorioius starring model/actress Laetitia Casta the notes are:

Top notes: Black currant, Pink peppercorn, Bergamot
Heart notes: Chocolate Cosmos, White Frost Peonies, Carnation
Base notes: Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Iris

  • NotoriousPerfume ReviewRalph Lauren
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