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Fragrant Rice

Bowl of basmati rice., originally uploaded by manjidesigns.

"The results suggest something profound and interesting about human culture, and that is, we are all hybrids," said McCouch. "Claims of ownership of rice are important for national identity, but people's concepts of national identity are often over-simplified. Humans continuously exchange ideas, technology and everything that is valuable, and in the exchange, they become something new. The lesson is that while each culture and each rice variety represents something unique, much of what we value most is shared by all."

From "Reserachers uncover genetic origins of rice fragrance", an interesting article that discovers the genetic origins of fragrant rice, which have implication about the history of rice culture and migration in Asia. Surprisingly, Basmati rice is closer genetically to Japanese sushi rice than to Thai Jasmine rice! Maybe that would help me convince my boyfriend to eat basmati more often. Being Japanese and all he insists that sticky suchi rice is the best, but I really like basmati better than any other rice - for its texture, flavour and fragrant steam.
  • Basmati RiceRice
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