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Falling In Love - Scents And Treats For Fall

Fall is time of change, odysseys and internal journeys. Perfumes for fall must be either warm or innovative.

Bois des Îles goes well with wine tasting and September Song.

sums up the season's introspective, melancholy mood, and with the violin in Strauss' Beim Schlafengehen (poem by Herman Hesse) it's pure perfection.

Just like a cup of good chai, Tea for Two is the perfect accompaniment for a journey in far away land, or just to keep my ears warm on the windy seawall at English Bay. It also goes well with a pumpkin pie and a romantic afternoon tea...

And speaking of pies, my favourite apple pie is served a-la-mod, with a generous scoop of the vanilla and sprinkled with cinnamon as in L de Lolita Lempicka. Also a good antidote for the mood of the song below...

Warm spices and an autumn sun call for a splash of Eau d'Hermes. With its expansive notes of lemon, cumin and immortelle it feels like sunshine on the skin.

Apples and the harvest season makes me think of the weekly equestrian adventures with my daughter. The horses love fresh apples more than any treat. For those beautiful autumn days in Southlands, Tabac Blond smells like the tack with a bit of raw animalics underneath. Best paired with the scents of horse maneur, cedar chips and the scorched horse hoofs as the farrier puts new horseshoes on.

If saffron robes can inspire spiritual growth, than perhaps the spice would too. Saffron perfume by Artemisia is my favourite from the line. If it won't open your third eye at least it will make you smell beautiful.

The pleasure of raking the leaves or crushing them with my sneakers when walking on the fall-leaf-cluttered sidewalks in the West End intensifies when wearing the now defunct Yohji by Yohji Yamamoto.

Burning leaves brings me to incense: the most gorgeous incense for the season must be pure Amber (Labdanum) botanical incense wands. Labdanum resin has a sweetness not unlike that of the fermenting autumn leaves at this time of year. The package I received from my aunt has only 3 wands left, and I was never able to find it anywhere online. Your help in locating more of this incense is much appreciated.

And speaking of burning and fermentation: what can be sweater than smelling some pipe tobacco while the other fall scents are around? If you don't have a pipe (or cigar) smoking neighbour, a dab or Vetiver Tonka or Tobacco Vanille might do the trick.

Tricking ghosts into your haunted house might become just a tad easier a task with a mist of the Gothic-church perfume Avignon. It smells as realistic as a church incense perfume could ever hope: smoky, raspy, and full of frankincense.

Thank you for Helg of Perfume Shrine for initiating this fall project for 2009 and for Gaia of The Non Blond for contributing the title and image. The other participating blogs are:
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Photo credit: "Autumn in Sepia" by Rick Lundh (via gallery.photo.net)

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