• Monday Musing

Monday Musing

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Life's demands got the better part of my attention than this blog usually reserves (and rightfully deserves). Which got me thinking to which direction to take it this coming new year. I want SmellyBlog to remain a unique blog about fragrance, with focus on the natural raw materials with which I work and love.
I'd like to throw the idea to your courtyard to see what will happen: What do you, SmellyBlog readers, most enjoy about it? What do you want find when you type in the url in the address bar? And what do you hope to be reading here in the next year or so?

Generally, SmellyBlog articles can be divided into a few major categories. Can you please determine (by posting a comment below), which you are most interested in?
1) Raw materials - information about the raw materials of perfumery

2) Perfumer's journal - diary-like entries about progress of perfume project in my lab/studio

3) Perfume reviews

4) Perfume related news (including my newsletters)

5) Recipes and formulas for perfumes and body products as well as fragrant foods, desserts and beverages

6) Perfume advice

7) OTHER: if there are any other things you'd like to read and learn that is not in that list, please add it on!

Your opinions and input are greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,


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