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Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Gifts For Every Personality Under One Tree

Each name on your holiday list has a unique personality, and deserves a fitting fragrant gift. Cuddly and cozy, flamboyant and sassy, exotic, mysterious, quirky… At Ayala Moriel, fragrance shopping is fun and easy – just follow your nose and it will make perfect scent and an unforgettable gift!

Immortelle l'Amour

Winter is your time for cuddling with a book in front of the fireplace. You have a bit of a sweet tooth and like to spoil your friends with delicious Sunday brunches. Although you like stormy adventures from time to time, you appreciate even more returning home to your cozy bed and cuddling your cat wile wearing your favourite sweater.

Other gift ideas:

  • Bois d’Hiver candle

  • Stocking stuffer $15 and under:

  • Immortelle l’Amour tea

  • Sahleb

    You know how to enjoy life to its fullest and greet life’s precious moments with befitting attire and attitude. The winter holidays are yet another excuse to celebrate lavishly, with bubbling champagne, your vintage fur coat and of course - the finest perfume!

    Other gift suggestions:

  • Signature Perfume

  • White Potion Candle
  • Stocking stuffers $15 and under:

  • Geranium Ritual Bath Salts

  • The Purple Dress

    Travelling is engrained in you, and when you are not physically visiting exotic lands, you are doing so in your imagination, and through your senses. You like to experience the sight, tastes, textures and scents of places and cultures far away, even at the comfort of your own home. You enjoy ethnic food and surround yourself with tribal block printed silk fabrics and ornamental rugs, and can appreciate the most exotic and unusual teas, spices, incense and perfume.

    Other gift suggestions:

  • Ethnic Poison Rings

  • Champaca Chai
  • Stocking stuffers $15 and under:

  • Charisma tea

  • Bois d'Hiver

    You are a free spirit constantly surrounded by fresh air and open space. You spend all your waking hours outdoors and engaging in somewhat risky nature sports – from surfing to rock climbing or backpacking through the mountains..

    You will never suffer from cabin fever – you’ll always find your way out, be it chopping wood or getting the last-minute groceries for dinner. Your Christmas tree is always the real thing (you might have even chopped it down yourself and carried it all the way home in one of your forest hikes). So when winter comes, your love of nature won’t just wait for you at your doorstep – you’ll find a way of bringing the outdoors smell of forest and mountains into the room.

    Other gift ideas:

  • Rainforest
  • Stocking stuffers $15 and under

  • ArbitRary tealight candles

  • Spruce Ritual Bath Salts

  • Espionage

    It takes a sophisticated mind to decipher your sense of humour, so you are often misunderstood. You can find beauty even in the mundane, including ragged objects such as a pipe or an old leather chair. Long ago, your favourite hangout place would have been the library for the smell of old and new books; now you spend more time with unscented gadgets that can expand your horizons and at times even acquainted you with likeminded people who are as quirky as you.

    Other gift suggestions:

  • Atzec Poison Ring

  • Liquid Fume One-of-a-Kind Perfume

  • Stocking stuffers $15 and under:

  • Lavender Ritual Bath Salts

  • Rebellius

    Your confidence has a bite and you like being noticed. Winter is your time to show off your best. You enjoy cocktail parties where you can either be found flirting with strangers or having a flamboyant debate with friends over a glass of red wine.

    Other gift suggestions:

  • Carnelian Perfumed Pendant with Autumn Solid Perfume

  • Kazach Carnelian Ethnic Poison Ring

  • Finjan

  • Stocking stuffers $15 and under:

  • Roses et Chocolat Tea

  • Film Noir

    You are the artist of seduction and a true sensualist. You know how to reveal only the most alluring parts of you and reveal just a hint of your dark side to yourself, which of course makes you seem even more mysterious and alluring.

    Other gift suggestions:

  • Palas Atena
  • Razala
  • Stocking stuffer $15 and under:

  • Film Noir Sachet

  • Fête d'Hiver

    You know better than fuss over the ever-changing trends. You’d rather stay with the tried and true classic staples: a well tailored suit, a string of pearls…

    You are attracted to timeless beauty and its principles, which allows you to save your energy for what’s really important: spending time with your family and friends to keep your heart and your home warm in the cold winter.

    Other gift ideas:

  • Épice Sauvage
  • Song of Songs
  • Stocking stuffers $15 and under:

  • Bois d’Hiver Ritual Bath Salts

  • Bon Zai

    Seeker of peace and tranquility, you are always in search of a balance between the various aspects of your life. The most important thing for you during the holiday season is to set time aside to contemplate the past year, envision the new one and spend time with the closest and dearest to you – including yourself.

    Your perfume is subtle and pure: it can be worn for meditation or a quite walk in the woods and will reinforce your enlightened thoughts.

    Other gift ideas:

  • Moon Breath Perfume Oil
  • Moonstone Perfumed Pendant
  • Stocking stuffers $15 and under:

  • Hinoki ritual bath salts
  • Bon Zai Incense Cones – Half Dozen

  • For all your fragrance advice needs, don’t hesitate to contact Ayala directly for an perfume-fitting appointment at the studio, or fill out our Fragrance Questionnaire!

    Happy Holiday Season!


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