• Introducing: Ayala Moriel Mini
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Introducing: Ayala Moriel Mini

Just in time for the holidays, we bring to you a new size to hold our fragrant offerings. Introducing:
Ayala Moriel Mini

Cute as a button and sweet as a treat, this mini splash bottle is the perfect size to sneak into a stocking, a pocket or a purse... Yet large enough to contain 4ml (1/8oz) of pure perfume bliss!

We want everyone on your list to have a scent to call their own this holiday season, yet without blowing up your budget and getting you into trouble - so this is offered at an attractive price of only $35 and comes in a cute jewelry box bow-tied with a satin ribbon and ready for gift giving. All you need to do is pick your scent!

If you need help we're always here to match a scent for all your family and friends. You can start by doing our online Fragrance Questionnaire.
  • New Launch
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