• Fragrant Decade: Ten Trends that Marked 2000-2009
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Fragrant Decade: Ten Trends that Marked 2000-2009

The decade opening the third millennium, although hasn’t attained a universally accepted name, was certainly a fragrant one. With the releases of well over 5,000 perfumes (an average of over 500 fragrances each year, according to Basenotes.net), and the rise of many new niche perfume houses, it certainly gives consumers and fragrance aficionados a lot to choose from. We all know that quantity does not guarantee, and often undermines quality. Thankfully, in the past decade we have witnessed some trends that counterbalance quantity with quality and originality, and a few other interesting trends that prove that consumers can finally receive what they ask for and rightfully deserve.

So let’s examine the ten most important trends and influences in the fragrance world in this past decade.

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  • Ayala SenderExaminerMust Read
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