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Olympic Mess

These gardeners are tending to some last minute preparations for the Olympics, just a couple of hours before the opening ceremonies. It made me think of my tea parties, and how sometimes just a few moments before the guests arrive, I remember I haven't put the flowers out yet. They are making sculptures of Hockey and Curling players from plants...

There is really little if any connection between this blog and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics; except that yours truly happens to live in the midst of the Olympic mess. So it's only fair that I use this space to show just a couple of Olympic symbols, and how I spent the day (no school for Tamya because of the torch relay; the bus would only pick her up from the other side of the bridge, an hour away from home) so she was doing other things instead, including holding the scorched Olympic torch.
  • VancouverWinter Olympics 2010
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