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Winter Olympic Scents

Before it’s completely gone, it’s time to showcase the perfumes that made winter 2010 special for me. To make this current, how about 5 perfumes for the Winter Olympics, one for each ring, or each continent if you will (the rings do symbolize the continents, though I’m not sure at all which colour corresponds to which continent).

Eau d’Hermes: It wasn’t until this year that I began wearing it in winter. While the citrus notes are refreshing, cumin and immortelle creates a warmth and sultry sensuality.

Vanillaville (Soivhole'): Quirky vanilla, that is everything but what the name implies.
It is what I was hoping that Jo Malone’s Vanille Anise would deliver, and so much more. More than anything else, it reminds me of Ardbeg Uigeadail scotch, with its salty licorice and vanilla aroma.

Oillet (Scent Systems): Carnation alone cannot describe this perfume, which is drenched in sage and resinous, earthy base. It’s full of passion and mystery, like a candle-lit bath ritual with wild herbs.

Si Lolita
- a cheerful sweet pea with sunny and peppery elemi resin. This is like bright sun on snow.

It’s difficult to pick a perfume for the colour green that is not from the “green floral” or Chypre families… Instead, how about Un Crime Exotique: a gourmand with unusual notes of mate, ginger, anise and osmanthus. It's a little like a spicy Madeleine soaked in milky osmanthus tea, if such things ever existed.

What are your top five winter perfumes so far this year?
  • Best of Winter 2010Top Winter 2010Winter Olympics 2010
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