• Green, But Not With Envy

Green, But Not With Envy

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

For this occasion, I wanted to talk about green raw materials. And by green I mean simply the colour – not necessarily a “green” scent. And since I work only with natural raw materials, they also happen to have the “green” as in eco-friendly meaning as well. Synthetic raw materials are usually clear and colourless.

As with all of my perfumes, the above photo is of natural scents with no colour added. The lovely green hues owes its presence entirely to the green-coloured natural raw materials that make up the scent. Let’s mention a few of them:

Light greens:
These transparent oils may look green in the bottle, but won’t necessarily have that much of an impact on the finished product:
Cassie Absolute
Green Cognac Absolute
Green Mandarin
Kaffir Lime Leaf

Pretty green results:
More on the olive side of green. Sometimes a little dull in appearance, as some of these contain a fair amount of waxy materials and sediments or floating pieces, as they don’t fully dissolve in alcohol:
Clary Sage Absolute
Green Tea Absolute or CO2
Lemon Balm CO2
Rosemary Absolute

Intense green effect:
These essences are usually dark and thick and will look almost black when not diluted. When diluted they will become bright and vibrant green (as you see in the above photos):
Balsam Fir Absolute
Basil Absolute
Green Oakmoss Absolute (as opposed to brown)
Hay Absolute
Lavender Absolute (sometime green, other times it's turquoise)
Linden Blossom Absolute
Spruce Absolute
Violet Leaf Absolute
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