• Let's Give Them Something to Blog About (Giveaway)

Let's Give Them Something to Blog About (Giveaway)

10pm. The phone rings. My brother is in a crisis situation: he forgot to put a scent on before leaving his house to go out with a bunch of friends. Good thing his sister lives only 4 blocks away... I get 2 minutes to pull out a scent that he will like and will be suitable for his dangerous mission.

The specifications: something from Hermes (he's really smitten with Poivre Samarkand, but I don't have that one). I bring down all my Hermes scents... Line them up. I picked up 2 things, and was hoping he would pick something that he has never worn before. What would that be?

Guess the answer correctly, and enter to win a mini of Jo Malone's Grapefruit Cologne.
If you haven't a clue, click here to listen to the song that inspired the title of this blog post!
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